National Young Cattleman (NYC) Program


Aggregate winners from Qualifying Junior Shows come together to compete for the Junior and Senior NYC honours.  

Juniors are age 9 - 14 (Inclusive) and Seniors are age 15 to 20 as of January 1 of the current year.  



Trinity Martin            2018 All Breeds  

Lilly Howell                Chinook Junior

Sadee Howell            Chinook Junior

Elle Groeneveld        Chinook Junior

Jaci Becker                 Chinook Junior

Miley Becker              4-H on Parade

Tate Yule                    4-H on Parade

Riley Rogers               Focus on 4-H

Lexi Dietrich               East Central 4-H

Wynton Brandl          Summer Synergy

Taylor Reid                 Summer Synergy

Tavianne Yoder         Summer Synergy

Lexi Wirsta                 Summer Synergy

Kasey Adams            Prov. 4-H Beef Heifer Show

Clara Blatz                 Prov. 4-H Beef Heifer Show

Kallista Chessor        Angus - Synergy

Reese Wildman        Angus - Synergy

Spencer McMillan    Charolais - Synergy

Kamrie Kaufman     Hereford - Synergy

Emily Yaremko         Maine - Synergy

Wyatt Bradford        Simmental - Synergy

Logan Matthews      All Other Breeds - Synergy

JR Good                      West Central 4-H 

Kate Albrecht            Alberta Junior Shorthorn

Wyatt Cuthbertson  Alberta Simmental


Jacey Massey             2018 All Breeds

Sierra Wise                 Chinook Junior

Sydney Edwards        Chinook Junior

Ryan Edwards            4-H On Parade

Travis Edwards          4-H On Parade

Robin Young              Focus on 4-H

Keely Adams              East Central 4-H

Halley Adams             Summer Synergy

Baxter Blair                 Summer Synergy

Riley Pashulka            Summer Synergy

Taylor Pashulka          Summer Synergy

Keely Adams               Prov. 4-H Beef Heifer Show

Will Bradford              Prov. 4-H Beef Heifer Show

Madison Sibbald        Angus - Synergy

Brynne Yoder             Angus - Synergy

Bret Marshall             Charolais - Synergy

Sydney McMillan       Hereford - Synergy

Kailey Brandl              Maine - Synergy

Kayla Jones                  Simmental - Synergy

Tell Calvert                  All Other Breeds- Synergy

Dylan Fuller                West Central 4-H 

Evan Patriquin            Alberta Junior Shorthorn

Mackenzie Skeels       Alberta Simmental

Forms and Information

NYC Registration 19 (pdf)