Western Canadian Team Judging Finals


Teams may qualify for the finals at  one of the competitions during the year.  Teams of two people, a judge and a ringman will compete in either the Junior or Senior division.  

2019 Qualifiers


Wyatt Becker/Miley Becker                 4-H on Parade

Elle Groeneveld/Jaci Becker                4-H  on Parade 

Kate Albrecht/Zane Gunderson         Summer Synergy

Tate Yule/Mitchell Gosling                  Summer Synergy

Sadee Howell/Lilly Howell                   Summer Synergy

Rylee Rogers/Jordynn Rogers             Alberta 4-H

Landon Brandl/Kasey Adams             Synergy Angus

Wyatt Cuthbertson/Luke Balisky        Synergy Simmental

Kennedy Paget/Wynton Brandl          Synergy Hereford

Garren Skeels/Callista Chessor          Alberta Simmental


Sydney Edwards/Ryan Edwards          4-H on Parade

Luke Sevick/Travis Edwards                 4-H on Parade

Matthew Trefiak/Taylor Pashulka       Summer Synergy

Cord Phillips/Riley Pashulka                Summer Synergy

Keely Adams/Baxter Blair                    Summer Synergy

Tell Calvert/Jed Curtis                         Alberta 4-H 

Julie Sharp/Michael Sharp                   Synergy Angus

Will Bradford/Wyatt Bradford             Synergy Simmental

Madison Sibbald/Halley Adams          Synergy Hereford

Jakob Meinczinger/Evan Patriquin     Alberta Junior Shorthorn

Amanda Stefflar/Kayla Jones               Alberta Simmental

Entries and Qualifying Information

Team Judging 2019 (pdf)