UFA Youth Supreme Quest


The "Best of the Best" come together when Grand Champion Purebred and Commercial Females from qualifying  Junior shows come together to compete for a Supreme Championship. Animals participating in the Quest are owned by Junior exhibitors.  

Thanks to UFA for their continued support of this event.  


Animal                                           Exhibitor                    Show                                                             

SSP Ms Super Model 793E          Tate Yule                    4-H On Parade 

SMRT Ms Annie 5E                        Travis Edwards         4-H on Parade,  Simm Comm Synergy

RF Joy's Elegance 747E                 Kade Rancier             East Central 4-H, Alberta Simmental

Sunny                                              Levi Martin                East Central 4-H, Prov. 4-H Beef Heifer , 

                                                                                             Alberta Simmental

Early Sunset Lady 34D                  Wyatt Bradford        Prov. 4-H  Beef Heifer, West Central 4-H

Greenwood Vixon JJP 17E             Halley Adams           Black Angus Synergy

KAYR Faryn 814F                            Kord Philips              Charolais - Synergy

RSK H117 Miss Sage ET 21F         Kennedy Paget         Hereford - Synergy

Miss Rusylvia Forever                    Riley Pashulka          Maine - Synergy

Red Cinder Freyja 29E                   Brynne Yoder           Red Angus - Synergy

WFL Loaded Licious                       Riley Pashulka          Simmental - Synergy

RK Rosie 102F                                  Evan Patriquin         AOB - Synergy

ACN Nikki 16G                                 Abigail Nikkel           Black Angus  Synergy

Tanzy                                                Taylor Reid                Charolais Synergy

Penny                                               Sadie Wauters          Hereford  Synergy 

Anastasia                                         Cole Reid                   Maine Synergy

Red Cinder Holly Dunn 721G       Brynne Yoder            Red Angus Synergy

Bomb                                                Zane Gunderson      AOB Synergy 

Toffee                                               Sierra Brand              West Central 4-H     


Entry Forms

Quest Entry 2019 (pdf)